Sunday, 14 March 2010

Less than a week to go.

We're now completely full. No more tables or wall space. (although we're still accepting CD's)
We've done the radio. We've got the posters up. The flyers are all around wrexham town.
This week is going to be all about raising awareness so tell all your friends.

Here's a few more of our stall holders...

Brilliantly cute owls from Emily Birch

A little bit of everything from Claire Lewis-Baugh

You can also go and have a listen to some of the bands/musicians who's CD's you'll be able to get hold of from the music stall...

Andy Hickie and his very own brand of acoustic folk rock.
Heal the Last Stand with euphoric harmonies and profound sentiments
Meilir Tomos who plays piano, guitar, sings & creates other noises leaving us with some haunting experimental folk.

There's something for the folk/acoustic lovers but that's not everyones bag so we've also got...

Polly Mackey And The Pleasure Principle who have returned to Texas this week to play SXSW festival for the second year running.
The Roseville Band who in april will be embarking on their first european tour to share their soulful, bluesy rock with the rest of the continent.
Mother of Six difficult to give a genre they are bass heavy Sabbath riffs with epic, Cornell style vocals. Reminiscent in places of the mighty Loop, but also factoring in some ambient, doom laden industrial clanking.

There you go, have some ear candy. And remember, all these bands and artists are from the local area. Wrexham is a talented place.

.happy creating.

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